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Send a REFUSAL LETTER to your utility company. Sample letter found here: http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/53

See "How to refuse a smart meter from FPL" here: http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/54

Sign the petitions found here: http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/38

Contact Rep. Scott Plakon as Chair of the Energy & Utilities Subcommittee, no matter which District you live in, to make sure he knows what you think about smart meters. It is possible that he, like many, had not even heard the words ‘smart meter’ before your letters and calls on the subject.

Representative Scott Plakon
Chair, Energy & Utilities Subcommittee
(850) 488-2231 Capitol Office
(407) 262-7520 District 37 Office
Email: scott.plakon@myfloridahouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Luke Givens (850) 488-2231
District Secretary: Jennifer Marquez

Find out more about the Florida House of Representatives
Energy & Utilities Subcommittee here: http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/34

Customers of every utility company state-wide need to contact the Florida Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities, and insist they uphold the right to permanently OPT-OUT of having a wireless RF/microwave device attached to our homes. The Florida PSC likely has the authority in this matter. The PSC may deny that they have jurisdiction over the smart meter used by utility companies; however, this is not necessarily the case.

Also write to them about any complaints you have regarding an installed smart meter.

Florida PSC Mission Statement: “To facilitate the efficient provision of safe and reliable utility services at fair prices.”

Contact the Florida commissioners:

Names and phone numbers of Florida PSC Commissioners and Division Heads are found here: http://www.psc.state.fl.us/about/contact/phonedirectory.aspx

PSC Commission fax: (850) 487-1716


Art Graham - Chairman (850) 413-6040
Jim Varian - Chief Advisor to the Chairman (850) 413-6022
Betty Leland - Executive Assistant to the Chairman (850) 413-6024

Lisa Polak Edgar (850) 413-6044
Roberta Bass - Chief Advisor to the Commissioner (850) 413-6016
Kelly McLanahan - Executive Assistant to the Commissioner (850) 413-6018

Ronald A. Brisé
Baldwyn English - Chief Advisor to the Commissioner (850) 413-6036
Pamela Paultre - Executive Assistant to the Commissioner (850) 413-6036

Eduardo E. Balbis (850) 413-6038
Cayce Hinton - Chief Advisor to the Commissioner (850) 413-6002
Cristina Slaton - Executive Assistant to the Commissioner (850) 413-6004

Julie Imanuel Brown (850) 413-6042
Katherine Fleming - Chief Advisor to the Commissioner (850) 413-6028
Kathleen Stewart - Executive Assistant to the Commissioner (850) 413-6030

Braulio L. Baez (850) 413-7013

Charles Hill (850) 413-6055

S. Curtis Kiser (850) 413-6199

Steven J. Stolting (850) 413-6071

Put your statements on the record by writing a letter to the PSC. Keep a copy and send it certified mail with return receipt.

The following contact info comes from PSC website at http://www.psc.state.fl.us/about/contact/index.aspx

Florida Public Service Commission
2540 Shumard Oak Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0850

(800) 342-3552 PSC Consumer Assistance toll-free
(850) 413-6100 PSC Consumer Assistance local
(800) 511-0809 PSC toll-free fax
email: contact@psc.state.fl.us


HOW TO REFUSE THE SMART METER details for FPL here: http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/42

Gulf Power / Southern Co: http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/40

Progress Energy: http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/43

Florida has at least 18 different utility companies working on smart grid projects. I hope to post more detailed contact info and deployment details for each of these.

Use the corporate address for your correspondence. If not listed here, type your utility company name in at this link:

We need the best specific contact names, addresses, and phone numbers for communicating with your utility company about smart meters. (calling to refuse installation, mailing “Do Not Consent” letters, submitting complaints etc.). Please share utility contact info - for any and all service areas in the State of Florida - including comments about your experiences dealing with them: news@smartmetermatrix.org

CONFIRMED: These Florida counties and cities have smart meters installed. Many more places across Florida are in process now.

Please help to keep this list up to date! Use the confidential contact form or email us at news@smartmetermatrix.org. Include specific dates if you know them. Thanks.

Broward County – First in the state; installed 2007 to present. Site of FPL’s 2007 and 2008 pilot programs.

Indian River County – Planned for 2012

Miami-Dade County – Installed 2009 to present - Miami formally kicked it all off on April 20, 2009. See two press releases from the City of Miami and General Electric.

Palm Beach County – multiple locations going in NOW
Palm Beach Gardens
West Palm Beach

St. Johns County – St. Augustine - will be near the end of FPL’S roll-out.

St. Lucie County – Port St. Lucie in process NOW.

Volusia County - Daytona Beach - will be near the end of FPL’S roll-out.

Collier County - Naples – NOW

Lee County – multiple locations going in NOW
Bonita Springs
Fort Myers – First QTR 2012

DeSoto County – Arcadia - NOW

Hillsborough County - Tampa – multiple locations going in NOW

Leon County - Tallahassee

Manatee County – Bradenton - NOW

Pinellas County - Holiday

Polk County – Lakeland – NOW

Sarasota County – multiple locations going in NOW

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