This is what I personally would like to see upheld in Florida, and in every state that deploys the smart grid. There may be problems with smart grid deployment that are not be addressed here.

The right to opt out permanently at minimal or no extra cost.

The right to opt out permanently for any reason and for no reason.

The right to have a smart meter removed once installed and replaced with an “analog” mechanical meter with no wireless or digital components.

The right to have areas of banked meters a safe distance away from condos and apartments.

The right to have “access point” boxes on power poles moved if they are too close to a residence or business.

The right to maintain a wi-fi free or a smart meter free zone on our own property, or throughout a neighborhood, city or county.

The right to an honest disclosure of facts, to public education, and to continued research and analysis of the effects of electromagnetic fields and RF microwave radiation on humans and other species.

The right to have public announcements and discussions within any community or regional area well before any roll out in that area.

The right to retain electrical service (or water or gas) without penalty, and without the threat or actuality of having service shut off, for any reason related to the meter.

The right to honest investigation and fair resolution of cases of loss due to fire or short circuit potentially related to smart meters.