Progress Energy - How to Contact about Smart Meters

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The best mailing address and phone number for letter of refusal, found here:

Mail your letters regarding smart meters by certified mail with return receipt, to the Progress Energy Corporate Office (see below for names of additional Executive Officers):

Vincent M. Dolan, President and Chief Executive Officer
Progress Energy Florida
410 S. Wilmington St.
Raleigh, NC 27601

(919) 546-6111

Or try the following, from Progress Energy Contact Us page:

Progress Energy Customer Service Telephone #s:

(727) 443-2641 – Pinellas
(407) 629-1010 – Orlando
(800) 700-8744 – Other

(727) 443-2641 – Pinellas
(407) 629-1010 – Orlando
(800) 700-8744 – Other

Large Commercial / Industrial / Government
(727) 443-2641 – Pinellas
(407) 629-1010 – Orlando
(800) 700-8744 – Other

Mailing address for General Correspondence / Corporate

Progress Energy
PO Box 1551
Raleigh, NC 27602-1551

Executive Officers
The following is from:

William D. "Bill" Johnson
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Progress Energy, Inc. Raleigh, NC - - - “Elected to the board in 2007. Serves as Chairman, Progress Energy Carolinas and Chairman, Progress Energy Florida.”

Vincent M. Dolan
President and Chief Executive Officer, Progress Energy Florida

Lloyd M. Yates
President and Chief Executive Officer, Progress Energy Carolinas

I was unable to find any mention of smart meters on the PE website other than the original announcement. !? Here is something found in a general internet search:

Progress Energy's Rapid Meter Deployment
Aug 1, 2008

By Luis Ordaz and Kathy Small, Progress Energy

“In 2005, Progress Energy, one of the nation's 10 largest investor-owned electric utilities, signed a contract with Itron (Lake Liberty, Washington, U.S.) to replace 2.7 million traditional electromechanical residential meters with Itron's CENTRON solid-state electricity meters, equipped with automated meter-reading technology.

Progress Energy had an aggressive schedule to deploy several million meters in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina in just 20 months.”

Read complete article here:

[Editor’s note: Please send comments about your experience with smart meters installed or refused, to - include the name of your county and city if possible, and let us know which neighborhoods are being installed now. Thanks!]

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