Analog Mechanical Meters

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Buy Your Analog Meter Here
By Stop Smart Meters!

October 9, 2011

“The Real Goods store, located in Northern California, has analog meters for sale, at a reasonable $49 each ($7.95 shipping).

You can order one by calling them at (707) 472-2407.

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Tampering defined
By EMF Safety Network

October 9, 2011

“Many people are stuck with a dumb utility meter they don’t want on their home. They call their utility company and ask for the analog meter back and their request is denied. Some people have taken matters into their own hands, bought an analog meter, hired an electrician and swapped the meter. The question whether or not this is legal based on tampering laws has been questioned. The EMF Safety Network hired environmental attorney Rose Zoia to investigate the legal risks of restoring analog meters.”

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Defend Your Analog Meter Part V
By Stop Smart Meters!
October 5, 2011

“News of this neat little item now for sale was sent to us by a follower. You can buy this locking ring for your analog meter by contacting:

Economy Lock and Key (707) 579-3183

We can’t guarantee your results, but it looks sturdy. More ideas for defending your analog…”

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Where Have All the Analogs Gone?
By Stop Smart Meters!

October 4, 2011

“Yesterday David Wilner… filed this document (pdf) “Emergency Motion to Require PG&E to Retain Analog Meters”… with the California Public Utilities Commission. He is asking them to make provision for those who want and need analog meters to preserve their health and well being, before, one supposes, PG&E disposes of them.
2. I have been informed by Hialeah Meter Company in Florida that it reconditions and calibrates electromechanical electrical meters (analog meters) to conform with ANSI standards.

3. This firm can supply 100,000 or more reconditioned analog meters at competitive rates over a reasonable period of time.

4. I have also been advised that this firm, and others that are qualified, can recondition analog meters taken out of service by electric utilities on an ongoing basis. As such, there would be an ample supply of analog meters in the future.”

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This company is referenced in the above article:

Hialeah Meter Company

450 West 28th Street
P.O. Box 1047
Hialeah, FL 33010

(800) 654-0821


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