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Maine Office of the Public Advocate
November 17, 2011

Press Release:
If you experience interference with home wireless networks or household appliances after the installation of a Central Maine Power “smart meter,” contact CMP

The smart meters that Central Maine Power Company is installing… are causing radio frequency interference with some customers’ electrical appliances, personal computers, and communications devices. To date, over 200 customers have contacted CMP about problems with a variety of appliances and devices including phones (cell, cordless, and landline), answering machines, Internet routers and wifi, personal computers, TVs, garage doors, fire alarms, clocks and even electric pet fences. The most common problem is interference with wireless internet routers, because they use similar radio frequencies. The problems can often be resolved by simply changing a setting on the device. Other concerns include malfunctioning phones, Internet routers crashing or freezing, damage to computer hard drives, static and clicking sounds on communication and computer gear, inability to stream Netflix, failure of TV remote, and other appliance malfunctions.”

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Maine utility admits smart meters cause interference
November 19, 2011

“Utility meters are breaking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule not to interfere with other radio frequency devices.”

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Electronics on the fritz? Could be smart meters
The new meters have been interfering with customers' household devices, CMP says.

By Edward D. Murphy, Staff Writer, Portland Press Herald
November 19, 2011

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Smart meters blamed for Wi-Fi, garage opener interference
Utility not doing enough, advocate says

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
Posted in Security, 21st November 2011

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Remodeler finds SmartMeter interference with circuit breakers
By Dennis Rockstroh, San Jose Mercury News, Action Line
September 12, 2010

“Q: One item you did not cover in your Sept. 7 SmartMeter article was interference with arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCI).

This is a type of circuit breaker that code requires in new and remodel construction. Its job is to detect arcing, which has been shown to be a cause of fires. Normal circuit breakers will not always break when arcing occurs. If arcing is detected by the AFCI, the breaker trips, stopping the potentially dangerous arc.

Long story short, I did some remodeling recently. City code required that I use an AFCI for one of the bedroom circuits that was being remodeled. Some weeks after I completed the remodel, the AFCI started tripping. This meant I had to inspect each junction box and outlet to determine where an arc might be occurring.

Coincidentally, the problem started not long after a SmartMeter was installed toward the end of the remodel. Finally, after severe frustration, I phoned PG&E for help on this matter. A crew came out and looked at the AFCI breaker for a few seconds. One went to the truck and came back with a conventional meter, a mechanically driven version, and swapped it for the SmartMeter that was installed some days before. It took some prodding, but eventually one of the PG&E crew told me that they have been observing that AFCIs are sensitive to the meter’s radio transmissions. - - - Dave Zittin, San Jose CA”

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COMPILATION of reports from US & CANADA:

Smart Meter Fires and Explosions


Some homeowners worry installing new 'smart meters' could spark fires
Dan Krauth, WPTV - News Channel 5, West Palm Beach, FL
October 31, 2011

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Fire Tears Through Cutler Bay Home
Local 10 News, Pembroke Park, FL
June 20, 2011
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Help Me Howard: FPL Smartmeter
Patrick Fraser, Reporter, WSVN 7News, Miami, FL
June 20, 2011
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Power surge raises questions about SmartMeters
Sue Dremann, Palo Alto Weekly Staff
September 4, 2011

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Arcing Meter Hazards
EMF Safety Network
June 28, 2011
“The following letter and photo were sent to the EMF Safety Network from a California fire department captain (Ross) who saved his home from a potential Smart Meter fire…”
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Officials: No link known between fires new Georgia Power smart meters
Jeff Gable, Rome News-Tribune, Rome, GA
“Some recent fires have occurred around electrical panels or fuse boxes, and some people have been quick to relate them to the installment of the digital meters.”
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Danville Woman Says Meter is a Fire Hazard
Sarah Bloom, Reporter, WSET ABC13 TV, Lynchburg, VA
November 11, 2010
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