HOW TO REFUSE THE SMART METER from FPL - updated 12/16/11

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One good phone number for Florida Power & Light is (800) 397-6544. Try extension 26 or ask for a Corporate Resolution Specialist.

Recently, we have been invited to contact Heidi Ellenberger at FPL regarding smart meters:

Heidi Ellenberger
Florida Power & Light, Regulatory Customer Relations Manager
(305) 552-2950

Call to state you do not want and DO NOT CONSENT to the installation of a RF/microwave wireless smart meter on your property.

Convince FPL to put your smart meter installation on their “DELAY/HOLD” list, to delay switching your meter out until near the end of regional deployment. They may say there is no list, that it is not an option. This is not true. They can put the “hold smart meter install” flag on your account in the FPL computer. Ask to talk to a Manager or Supervisor if necessary.

Put it on record: send a REFUSAL LETTER to your utility company. Sample letter found here:

Click here for names of officers and cc your letter to more than one (page down for FPL, which is now part of NextEra Energy, Inc.): Here’s a selection:

Armando J. Olivera, President and Chief Executive Officer
R. Wade Litchfield, Vice President and General Counsel
Marlene M. Santos, Vice President, Customer Service

Corporate headquarters:
Florida Power & Light Co.
700 Universe Blvd.
Juno Beach, FL 33408

Make a copy and send all letters certified mail with return receipt.

I will try to post contact info for other utility companies in Florida soon. See the ‘ Resources’ page for more about the other 18 utilities rolling out their own smart grids in Florida.

All customers state-wide need to contact the Florida Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities, and insist they uphold the right to permanently OPT-OUT of having a wireless RF/microwave device attached to your home. The Florida PSC likely has the authority in this matter. The PSC may deny that they have jurisdiction over the smart meter used by utility companies; however, this is not necessarily the case.

Names and phone numbers of Florida PSC Commissioners are found here:

(850) 487-1716 PSC Commission fax

The following contact info comes from their website at

Florida Public Service Commission
2540 Shumard Oak Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0850

(800) 342-3552 PSC Consumer Assistance toll-free
(850) 413-6100 PSC Consumer Assistance local
(800) 511-0809 PSC toll-free fax

Print a “Do Not Install” sign from the TURN website, and find more about smart meters under “Issues” tab:

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